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This is Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Part 2 in our four-part series on the Submariner. Part 1 Panerai Luminor Replica Watches covered the history of the Submariner and its introduction to the market. It also included Panerai Luminor Replica Watches references to the first 6XXX generation. All details can be found here. We now turn our attention towards what can be broadly described as the second generation Submariner: The 55XX references. We will also discuss a pivotal moment in the development of the model, the seemingly Panerai Luminor Replica Watches innocent decision to add an indicator window. It's not a bold decision, I'm sure. But it has helped to redefine the Submariner.would continue to tweak and modify Ref. Over the years, 5512 has seen many changes to Ref. While we won't go into every variation, the most important is the addition of two additional lines above 6 o’clock: "Superlative Chonometer / Officially Certified". This is the moment when switched from the non-Panerai Luminor Replica Watches chronometer calibre 1503 to the certified calibre 1506 in the early 1960s. Later, this would be upgraded to the calibre 1505, which would then be updated using a hacking mechanism.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

Part 1 Panerai Replica Watches showed that was busy in the early years with the Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Submariner's development. This subtle work is something that only can do. Five different references were produced over a period of five years, with many variations (or "Machs", as collectors prefer to call them). Things settle down Panerai Luminor Replica Watches somewhat by the time we reach the 55XX reference. After some more experimentation, has landed on the design features that its Submariner will use for the next three decades. There will be many variations, but most of them we won't Panerai Luminor Replica Watches cover here. There were two initial models in the Ref. 55XX series can be described as the bridge between first- and second-generation Submariner.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

These panerai luminor submersible replica models have a reference number that begins with "55", but they Panerai Luminor Replica Watches are more like the older 66XX than the 55XX. This is due in part to the fact that both models were produced simultaneously. The Ref. The Ref. 6538 was covered in Part 1. The Ref. 5510 was the first Submariner that used the 1530 calibre. Panerai Luminor Replica Watches This watch was in production for only one year, and shares many of the same characteristics as the Ref. 6538, with Mercedes hands, 200m water resistance, etc.released the Ref. 5508 is a much closer cousin to the Ref. 6536/1, which we also covered in Part 1. This model has a thinner crown and a slimmer case. It is water-resistant to 100m instead of 200m. You Panerai Luminor Replica Watches can see subtle dial changes here, both in layout and text. The most notable design feature is the transition from a distinct red bezel to a more subtle silver bezel. This design element has been carried over to modern Submariners.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

The 55XX Swiss Replica Watches reference technically began with the models mentioned Panerai Luminor Replica Watches above. However, it is fair to say that the second generation Submariner actually started with the Ref. 5512. I'd even go so far as to suggest that this model is what most collectors refer to when they collectively refer to "vintage Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Submariners". This is the blueprint of the modern Submariner.The case measures approximately 40mm in diameter. Crown guards protect the crown, which is now 7mm. Over the next years, s style and shape would change many times but it was never altered enough to be removed. Ref. 5512 were early Panerai Luminor Replica Watches examples. 5512 feature gilt dials and four lines of text: "Oyster Perpetual" below 12 o'clock and "200m/660ft/Submariner" above 6 o'clock. The matte black dials replaced the original gilt dials in less than a decade of production. The now-familiar rotating sheathed bezel is located around the Panerai Luminor Replica Watches periphery. It was first equipped with an upside-down, red triangle, and later a silver one. Each with a luminous dot in their middle.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches